About Indie Music

About us

My name is Jonatan Samuelsson. My company is called JONO Media AB and my record companies are called JONO Music and Adora Records. I also work with other record companies, such as Melodic Passion Records.
Some of the bands I represent and/or collaborate with include Narnia, Starmen, Avatarium, CJ Grimmark, Christian Liljegren, Jerusalem, Martin Simson’s Destroyer of Death, Safemode, Peter Carlsohn’s The Rise, Viva, Gemenskap, House on a Hill and many more.

Indie Music is the online store and platform for these artist to reach out to more listeners!

Our Journey

Our Story

Indie Music began as a platform to promote independent music.

The first years were focused on reviews and interviews with both unknown and famous artists.

In 2023, we changed direction and created a platform for the bands we work with in various ways in the form of an online store.

The core mission & vision remains: To help independent artists spread their music.

Our Mission

To provide independent artists to sell their music and merch through our online stores.

Our Vision

To help independent artists spread their music.

Our Values

Be a nice partner both to the artists I work with and to their listeners.

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