Gemenskap – Din godhet ska följa mig (CD – digifile)

Eleventh album in the hymn series Gemenskap (Community). Both well-known songs and new songs are interspersed. A couple of songs in English and the rest in Swedish.

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On “Din godhet ska följa mig” (“Your goodness shall follow me”), simple songs from the small group are at the center, just like on the predecessors in the hymn series Gemenskap (Community). In simple and stripped-down arrangements, well-known hymns are mixed with some completely new songs.

Benjamin Eliasson, Angel Baggerman, Filippa and Agnes Samuelsson, all from Uppsala, participate on this album.

Well-known songs such as ”Kom, helig Ande (med renhet)”, ”Jag vill ge dig mitt liv” and ”Kom, Jesus kom” are joined by new songs:

The opening song “Glory”, is written by Benjamin and it is followed by another new song, “Halleluja (Din godhet ska följa mig)” and as a conclusion, the album lands in the quiet song “Peace”.

In addition to more new songs being given more space than on previous records in the series, several songs also have instrumental parts. Something that is intended as a breather, or to make room for your own singing.

Simple worship that is used in personal devotions, in prayer and home groups and smaller contexts, or just in the background. This is how we often hear that the albums in the Gemenskap hymn series are used. That is exactly how they are meant to be used. You should be able to sing along by yourself in the car, at home, or together with others!

The album was recorded and produced by Jonatan Samuelsson (Adora, Narnia) and mastered by CJ Grimmark (Narnia, Jerusalem) at Lighthouse Mastering.

“Din godhet ska följa mig” is published by the record company Adora on September 15, 2023.


1. Glory
2. Halleluja (Din godhet ska följa mig)
3. Kom, helig Ande (med renhet)
4. Helige Ande, vi är i din närhet
5. Jag vill ge dig mitt liv
6. Kom, Jesus kom
7. Jag älskar dig (och jag höjer min röst)
8. Jag tror på Jesus
9. Peace

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