Gemenskap – Med lyfta händer (CD – digifile)

Seventh album in the Gemenskap (Community) hymn series. This time it’s Simeon Thelander and Samuel Lundell who come together in simple, down-to-earth worship.

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Seventh album in the Gemenskap (Community) hymn series. This time it is Simeon Thelander and Samuel Lundell who come together in simple, down-to-earth worship.

The acclaimed Gemenskap hymn series is now being expanded with another album, entitled “Med lyfta händer” (“With Lifted Hands”).

The worship leader on the record is Simeon Thelander, who previously sang and played acoustic guitar in the duo Proklaim. He also appeared on the Gemenskap album “Leva för att ge” (“Live to Give”) and was discovered by a wider audience during his participation in Idol 2013.

Together with the multi-instrumentalist Samuel Lundell, who is currently studying music in the USA, the duo offers pared-down versions of well-known, lesser-known and previously unrecorded hymns.

“Med lyfta händer” is largely reminiscent of the Gemenskap album “Hjärtats lovsång”, where the vocals are mainly backed by an acoustic guitar. This time also with beautiful piano playing, but with the same warm feeling as its predecessor.

The album is the seventh in the hymn series Gemenskap. A worship series with a focus on stripped down praise from the small group.

The records are often used in prayer groups, personal devotions and smaller contexts as “praise leaders”, but also inspire larger contexts.

Recorded, produced and mixed by Johannes Karlsson (Safemode).

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