Harald Høidahl – Agnus Dei (CD – jewelcase)

Harald Høidahl has his 20th anniversary as an album artist and releases his sixth solo album “Agnus Dei”.

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Harald has his 20th anniversary as an album artist and releases his sixth solo album Agnus Dei.

In 2001, the then relatively unknown Harald Høidahl from Fredrikstad in Norway released his debut album “Du er min Gud”. The rest is history. The Norwegian worship leader’s songs Makten och äran, Ära vare Fadern and Låt ditt rike komma are just some of his songs that have been sung extensively in churches around Scandinavia.

After five albums and a compilation album, Harald is once again relevant with a new record of self-written hymns.

Here you can find everything from quiet songs like “Agnus Dei” and Fadervår to Lovsyng Herren hele jorden, which in many ways brings back thoughts to Harald’s first album.

Harald’s youngest daughter, Märtha Høidahl (4 years old), makes her singing debut and Hildegunn Garness Reigstad from the Norwegian band Garnes sings. Egil Svartdahl also appears on the record.

– This album somehow sums up my 20 years musically, in that it both includes many of the musical expressions found on my earlier records and the slightly calmer style found on my later albums. says Harald.

As on the last records, it is Johannes Groth (Ole Børud, Ylvis, Hanne Sørvaag) who has both produced and played on the record. More participants include bassist Lars Erik Dahle (Ole Børud, CWF, etc.) and drummer Ruben Dalen (Ole Børud, Lewi Bergrud, etc.) and others.


01 – Lovsyng Herren hele jorden
02 – Herre vi ber
03 – Gud hør vår bønn
04 – Redning
05 – Nærmere deg min Gud
06 – Velduft
07 – Agnus Dei
08 – Fadervår
09 – Når du sover
10 – Completorium – bønn ved dagens slutt

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